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    Any form or footwear made of various kinds of materials or combination of materials like leather, canvas, rubber, textiles, wood synthetics to protect the foot from cold, heat, thorns, hazards, etc., and to serve as a costume in the form of sandal, shoe or boot. These shall include walking shoes, dress shoes, occasional footwear, sports footwear, occupational footwear, orthopaedic and surgical footwear meant for the use of babies, children, ladies or gents.

    A footwear having an outer covering for the entire feet not coming much above the ankle. It is built up or assembled on a last or appropriate mould to the required shape, size and fitting. The upper part of the shoe consists of number of components such as vamp, quarters, counter, etc. and the same are aligned and assembled together by various methods. The bottom part of the shoe consists of number of components, such as insole, sole heel, etc. and the same are aligned and assembled together by various methods. The assembled upper part and bottom parts are attached to each other by various methods.

  A name given to any shoe reaching above the ankle or still higher. Bootie is sometimes used for short boots although this is used more to describe women's or children ankle-high boots.


  A type of gents’ boots or shoes having a closed front-laced ankle. It is characterized by the vamp wings extended to either side, to form a golosh.
  Derby shoe
   An open throat, laced shoe with tongue, cut in one piece with the vamp or separately. The quarter lies over the vamp.
Brogue shoe
A balmorai type of shoe with perforations and gimpings on the upper.
 Oxford shoes
   A laced shoe with closed  tabs (eyelet tabs stitched under the vamp).
 Monk shoe
 Shoe of three pieces of upper with a side buckle. This is one of the basic shoe designs.
  Moccasin shoes
 Shoes having inserted circular tongue attached to one piece vamp (basic type). The vamp extends under the foot and its upper edges are attached to the apron covering the top of the foot. There is, therefore, no insole.
A type of slip-on shoe with  front fringe
  A slip-on shoe intended for outdoor wear. Essentially a low heel pump, a loafer always has an apron vamp. It can have a wide instep strap across throat.
   Rubber soled canvas  sport shoes.
A low cut slip-on shoe made without any closure. it's a unisex term
A slipper made from outdoor wear, usually heeled, and having no quarters, thus exposing the heel of the foot. This is one of the basic footwear designs.
  A pump shoe, cut low on both sides, the curves extending downwards towards the centre of the shank and meeting in a broad v-shaped.
 The name Mary Jane  has been used to refer to  pumps with single bar or strap across instep
 A sling-back is low or high-heeled pumps  identified by the strap around the back of the heel
 Peep toe
Peep toe pumps is classic pumps with open toes.
 An open type of footwear having an upper part not covering the entire foot. The upper part of sandal consists of one or more components such as strap, vamp, laces
   Gore shoe
 A shoe with elasticized side or front.
  A flat-heeled pump designed to resemble a ballet shoes

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