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   ​Here you can learn how to carefully clean your purse/bag/tote
    Cleaning  your favourite bag is not an easy task as you might think  especially when the purse is made of different materials: different types of genuine leather, fabric or synthetic material. 
         See, the article  http://tatyz.com/blog/2018/06/03/genuine-leather-types  how to identify the leather type.
    Genuine leather in most cases   is easy to clean as it often have top coat. If the leather has become dirty, clean it gently with a sponge​ or cloth with some of the leather balm or any other leather product.

       If your leather bags and wallets are made from full grain, vegetable-tanned leather or suede, No pigments or protective PU coat  is used to conceal natural defects in the leather, that  is why the  leather gets dirty more easily.  Try to avoid this type of leather to be wet.  If your  leather bag  has become wet, dry it at room temperature.  When the item is dry, use special rubber brush to bring the nap. Use special suede protective spray to refresh the colour and to add a protective coat. Keep the product in dust bags in dry conditions . Don't seal the bag into a plastic bag or box for months at a time to avoid  it to get  mouldy​.
    Apply leather grease or leather balm if the leather start to get mouldy. Use a small amount and apply a thin and even layer, for example with a sponge. Wipe off the excess with a clean and dry cloth. Always try first on a small inconspicuous surface to see how the color changes before you treat the whole bag. Note that greasing will also soften the leather a bit.

    Special  suede protection spray can be used to protect the suede bag from stains and water damage. Use soft clean brush(sponge)  or special suede brush     to clean suede from dust and dry dirt.  If your suede product has become wet, dry it at room temperature. Don’t rub any suede product while it is wet.
        If  your  suede/shoe handbag has dry spots, try rubbing them away gently with a clean pencil eraser or a suede cleaning block.

​ If your bag is made from canvas, dirt can normally be removed by carefully wiping the fabric with a moistened sponge and some mild soap. Be gentle, as hard rubbing on the fabric may cause spots. 
     If washing is absolutely necessary, we recommend careful hand washing. If hand washed, use lukewarm water and a mild, non-bleaching detergent.   Washcloth or soft bristle brush can be used to clean the material .After rinsing with water, stretch the wet product and let it hang dry.  
      Re-grease the leather details when almost completely dry.
     Metal accessory might require polishing over time.

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