by TATYZ on May 25th, 2018

   Decorative seam is one of the most popular way to decorate leather shoes or leather accessories ( purses, gloves, etc).   Usually  thick contrast  color  thread is used , normally lighter shade than the leather.  

 For special  thick decorative seams,  a polyester braided thread, is the first choice.
The stitch length  for decorative seams  is  usually longer than the general purpose stitching and can vary  from  2.5- to 4 m).

   For machine stitching  It is extremely important to choose a bobbin thread that is not too fine for robust decorative seams. A rule of thumb is that the bobbin thread should be no more than one ticket number finer than the needle thread. Greater differences between needle and bobbin thread require extreme bobbin thread tension to ensure that it won’t be drawn up and become visible on the upper material. The bobbin thread that is usually shorter in decorative seams on leather is then stretched extensively and may possibly no longer feature sufficient tensile strength during the lasting process. Broken decorative seams can therefore be the unpleasant result of an incorrect bobbin thread ticket no. 

   Decorative hand stitching is also very popular  for hand-made shoe and accessories. Thick  waxed cotton or polyester braided thread are the best choices. 
      Decorative stitching normally does  not perform functional purpose of joining details. It is done on separate  leather detail before assembling the product. Underlining or interfacing is very important especially for thin leather.
      Decorative stitching   is widely used for different types of shoes ( both men  and women) - brogues, sandals, dance shoes.  
 One of the best example of decorative stitching on leather accessories  is Chanel bags.

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