Posted on October 7th, 2017

      For TATYZ  handbags we use 100% A Grade  22 oz. and 14 oz. Cotton canvas made in Thailand  and dyed with CPB method. The Cold Pad Batch (CPB) dyeing method is the non-thermal dyeing process which is environmental friendly in both less water and energy consumption. The natural cotton fibers respond well to fiber reactive dyes and can be transformed into beautiful colors in a wide range palette.
     To achieve subtle colors, canvas is then subject to stone-washing process. After it the colors of the canvas become delicate and not strong or bright.
                                                                        Colour palette
                      Bucket bag made from  both stone-washed and plain canvas
​   Stone-washed process is carried out with Latest technology– perlite.
    Perlite is the form of naturally occurring silicon rock. It has the distinctive property of expanding to 4 to 20 times its initial volume when heated at a particular temperature. The crude Perlite rock when heated it gets swollen up and tiny glass sealed bubbles are formed. Its original colour which is black or gray changes to grayish white or else white. This heated form of Perlite is used for stone wash purpose.
   Perlite treatment reduces the rate of harm caused to large washing machines by pumice stones and gives the cotton better supple and softer finish. There are many grades of Perlite differing in sizes are used for giving the stone wash finish to fabric right from largest to finest grades; some are very tiny just like grounded earth..
     The degree of colour fading depends on the fabric to stone ratio, washing time, size of stones. Stone wash effect is one of the oldest but highly demanded washing effects.
    Advantages of this metod:
- No extra chemical required, therefore making process more economical.
- Less water consumption.
- Less energy consumption.
- Less chance of patches or unevenness
   Another advantage of stone-washed canvas that the  material won’t bleed much  during washing process of the product.

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